About us
About us

"Budjak" Ltd is a Bulgarian company that started its activity in 2016, specializing in the sales and production of natural essential oils, products, raw materials for the cosmetic, perfumery and pharmaceutical, chemical industries. A small family business that develops into essential oil crops and products. Starting the essential business started with several crops such as chamomile, lemon balm, mint, sage and yarrow. From 2021, the campaign went on to trade in organically certified essential oil products.

The products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of European legislation and Bulgarian state standard.

Our clients and partners are companies from France, Germany, Russia, Asia, specializing in the production of cosmetics, dry cleaning products, perfumes, pharmaceuticals.


The company owns and rents perennials, which are cultivated according to the requirements of good agronomic and technological practice and are located in the heart of Bulgaria Rhodopes and Stara Planina in ecologically clean areas. The company also practices the collection of wild herbs and also produces essential oils for all industries, and also some oils are intended for homeopathy.


The guarantee for high quality of the essential oil products produced by us depends on the factory - Distillery, which falls under the control of the GMP system, and carries out continuous year-round control over the production of essential oil plants. All essential oils and floral waters have gas chromatograms for the composition of the product made by State Laboratories.


Budjak Ltd. has an organic certificate, or biological status of essential oils, floral waters, herbs, concrete, absolute. Officially registered in the bio register until 31.12.2022. Certification body Serres BG-BIO-04.