Concretes and Absolutes


The concrete is a type of extract obtained from the flowers or other aromatic plants. It is mainly used in the perfumery industry to create complex fragrances.

The process of obtaining concrete involves the use of a solvent that is used to extract the aromatic components from the plant. The color spots or particles of the plant materials are dissolved in the solvent, which is then filtered and cooled. This leads to the formation of concrete, which is a resinous or waxy substance.

The concrete contains the strongest and most complex aromatic molecules from the plant. It has a thick consistency and a rich aroma. Concretes differ according to the types of plants and flowers from which they are made.

To use the concrete in perfumery, it is diluted or dissolved in special solvents, such as ethyl alcohol or other fragrance carriers. This produces an aromatic substance that can be used to create perfumes and other aromatic products.

The concrete is a valuable and valuable product in the perfumery industry, due to the complex production process and the high concentration of aromatic molecules. It is used to add richness, depth and persistence to perfumes and is a common ingredient in high quality fragrances.

The concretes are prepared almost entirely from raw materials of plant origin, such as barks, flowers, leaves, herbs and rhizomes. Aromatic plant materials undergo hydrocarbon-type solvent extraction rather than distillation or pressing. This method is necessary when hot water or steam has an adverse effect on essential oils. In this way, an absolutely natural fragrance is achieved. Such is the case with jasmine. Some plants, such as lavender and sage, undergo both steam distillation to obtain an essential oil and solvent extraction to produce a specific one. The residual components are usually solid and have a wax-like non-crystalline structure.

Most concretes contain about 50% waxes, 50% volatile oils, such as jasmine. In rare cases, as with ylang-ylang, concrete is in liquid form and contains about 80% essential oils and 20% waxes. An advantage of specifics is that they are more stable and concentrated than pure essential oils.



Absolute is a type of extract obtained from aromatic plants, such as flowers, leaves or wood. It is primarily used in the perfumery industry to create complex fragrances.

The process of obtaining absolute involves the extraction of the aromatic components from the plant. Often this is done by maceration or heat extraction using a solvent. The plant matter is placed in a solvent that extracts the aromatic molecules from it. The solvent was then filtered and evaporated to give a concentrated absolute.

Absolut contains a wide range of aromatic molecules that add richness and complexity to the fragrance. It has a higher concentration of aromatic ingredients compared to essential oils, making it more intense and persistent.

In perfumery, absolute is used to create base, middle and top notes in perfumes. It can be combined with other absolutes, essential oils and synthetic ingredients to achieve desired aroma profiles.

Absolutes are valuable and precious ingredients in the perfumery industry because of their concentration and complexity. They are used to create high quality, refined and exquisite perfumes.


Additional Information: Absolute is obtained from concrete by solvent re-extraction using pure alcohol (ethanol) in which unwanted waxes are poorly soluble. Obiconové absoluto is reprocessed with alcohol. However, sometimes small amounts of wax remain, as in the case of orange blossom absolut. Absolut can also undergo molecular distillation, which will remove the last non-volatile particles. In order to recover the alcohol by evaporation, it is required to create vacuum conditions at the end of the process. Some absolutes will contain traces of ethyl alcohol (below 2%), and this is not recommended for therapeutic activity as it will cause impurities.

Absolut is usually a highly concentrated viscous liquid, but in some cases it is also found in a solid or semi-solid state (salvia absolute). In recent years, most studies have been devoted to the extraction of essential oils and aromatic materials using liquid carbon dioxide. The oils obtained in this way are of excellent quality and are completely free of unwanted solvent residues or non-volatile components.

Absolute, also called absolute, is a product similar to essential oils that is extracted from concrete using ethanol. Absolute is a concentrated, highly aromatic essential oil extracted from plants. While essential oils are produced by distillation, boiling, or pressing, absolutes are obtained by traditional petroleum solvent extraction or solvent extraction them (liquid-liquid extraction - Liquid-liquid extraction).


The company "Budjak" LTD produces the following concretes and absolutes:

1. Concrete rose - Rosa damascene
2. Rose absolute - Rosa damascene
3. Lavender kancrete - Lavandula angustifolia
4. Lavender absolute - Lavandula angustifolia
5. Absolute Tobacco - Nicotina tabacum
6. Concrete tobacco - Nicotiana tabacum
7. Jasmine absolute - Jasmine grandiflorum
8. Jasmine concrete - Jasmine grandiflorum - more order
9. Concrete Yarrow - Achillea millefolium
10. White pine absolute - Pinus species
11. Absolute from Zdravetz - Geranium macrorrhizum
12. Concrete Marigold - Calendula officinalis
13. Marigold absolute - Calendula officinalis
14. Absolute from Mursal tea - Sideritis Scardica
15. Absolute from Juniper fruit - Juniperus Communis
16. Absolute from Acacia - Robinia pseudoacacia
17. Valerian absolute - Valeriana officinalis
18. Oakmoss Absolute - Evernia prunastri
19. Vanilla Absolute - Vanilla Planifolia
20. Absolute from Salvia - Sage officinalis
21. Concrete from Sage - Sage officinalis
22. Absolute from Salvia - Sage sclarea
23. Concrete from Sage - Sage sclarea
24. Tuberose absolute - Polianthes tuberosa
25. Abies balsamea absolute - Abies balsamea
26. Hyacinth absolute - Hyacinthus orientalis
27. Linden absolute - Tilia cordata
28. Lilac absolute - Syringa vulgaris
29. Mimosa absolute - Acacia decurrens
30. Beeswax absolute - Cera alba
31. Osmanthus absolute - Osmanthus fragrans


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