Floral waters

Floral water is an herbal extract that is obtained by distilling various plants. It may sound confusing, but I will dispel any ambiguity with just one example - the familiar rose water. However, it is not the only one of its kind, but only one of dozens, even hundreds of floral waters.

Hydrosols and hydrolates or so-called floral waters are a by-product of the process of distilling essential oil.

Unlike essential oils, natural aromatic waters also contain water-soluble plant components. The concentration of aromatic elements with a therapeutic effect determines their complete solubility in water and homogeneity of the solution.

High-quality hydrosols are those that are not by-products in the process of obtaining essential oils, but are produced by a special technology. In most cases, these waters have a pleasant and fresh aroma. In the process of distillation, microparticles of essential oils enter the water, giving the distillate a certain aroma. The hydrosol usually contains at least 0.02% essential oil.

Application of natural aromatic floral waters.

Natural aromatic waters are wonderful medicines whose properties have been the subject of various studies. The reason for this is the growing level of their consumption. They are less concentrated than their corresponding essential oils, which allows them to be used as finished cosmetic products. They work great after a bath or shower, can be added to baths - nourish the skin, refresh and tone the whole body. Take them with you on the road - they will be useful to clean your face and refresh, get rid of mosquitoes and other insect bites. Floral waters protect the skin and hair from the harmful effects of the atmosphere - sunlight, wind, low temperatures; prevent the appearance of wrinkles, stimulate hair growth. They help remove some cosmetic defects - freckles, comedones and more. They can be used to flavor clothes and bed linen, to freshen the air in the rooms. Their aroma affects the emotional state, encourages, relieves mental and physical stress, improves tone and refreshes.

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