Concretes and Absolutes


Concretes are prepared almost entirely from raw materials of plant origin, such as bark, flowers, leaves, herbs and rhizomes. Aromatic plant materials are subjected to extraction with a hydrocarbon-type solvent rather than to distillation or squeezing. This method is necessary when hot water or steam has an adverse effect on essential oils. In this way an absolutely natural scent is achieved. Such is the case with jasmine. Some plants, such as lavender and sage, are subjected to both steam distillation to obtain essential oil and solvent extraction to produce concrete. The residual components are usually solid and have a waxy non-crystalline structure.

Most concrete contains about 50% waxes, 50% volatile oils, such as jasmine. In rare cases, as with ylang-ylang, the concrete is in liquid form and contains about 80% essential oils and 20% waxes. The advantage of concrete is that they are more stable and concentrated than pure essential oils.


Absolute is obtained from concrete by re-extraction with a solvent using pure alcohol (ethanol), in which the unwanted waxes are poorly dissolved. The absolute is usually re-treated with alcohol. However, sometimes small amounts of wax remain, as in the case of orange blossom absolute. The absolute can also be subjected to molecular distillation, which will remove the last non-volatile particles. In order to recover the alcohol by evaporation, it is required to create vacuum conditions at the end of the process. Traces of ethyl alcohol (less than 2%) will be found in some absolutes, and this is not recommended for therapeutic activities as it will cause contamination.

Absolute is usually a highly concentrated viscous liquid, but in some cases it is also found in solid or semi-solid state (sage absolute). In recent years, most studies have been devoted to the extraction of essential oils and aromatic materials using liquid carbon dioxide. The oils obtained in this way are of excellent quality and are completely free of unwanted solvent residues or non-volatile component.


The company "Budjak" Ltd. can deliver with a preliminary request the following compositions of concrete and absolute:

1. Pink concrete (Concrete rose) - Rosa damascene

2. Rose absolute - Rosa damascene

3. Concrete lavander - Lavandula angustifolia

4. Lavender absolute (Lavender absolute) - Lavandula angustifolia

5. Tobacco absolute - Nicotina tabacum

6. Concrete tobacco - Nicotiana tabacum

7. Jasmine absolute - Jasmine grandiflorum

8. Jasmine Concrete - Jasmine grandiflorum

9. Concret Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

10. Concrete pinarom - Pinus species

11. Concrete zdravetz - Geranium macrorrhizum

12. Concrete Marigold - Calendula officinalis

13. Marigold absolute - Calendula officinalis

14. Concrete Mursal tea - Sideritis Scardica

15. Mursal tea absolute - Sideritis Scardica

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