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What are the healing properties of essential oils?


Lavender - Antiseptic, antidepressant, wound healing; relief from stress and insomnia, relief from insect bites.

Rose - Antidepressant, sexual stimulant, tonic; helps with menstrual disorders; promotes sleep.

Bergamot - Antiseptic, binding agent, stimulant; reduces the oiliness of the skin, but makes it sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

Sandalwood - wound healing, antiseptic; diuretic, treats cystitis, insomnia.

Patchouli - Wound healing, soothing; helps fight dandruff and dry skin.

Ariabotris - Antiseptic, sexual stimulant, tonic.

Myrrh - healing, antiseptic, soothing; relieves viral and fungal infections such as thrush (when added to the bath).

Juniper - Diuretic, anti-inflammatory, laxative, sedative; do not use for pregnant women during the first 5 months and for kidney disease.

Neroli - Soothing for nerves and indigestion; good remedy for dry skin.

Chamomile - The most soothing; relieves anxiety, stress, allergies and PMS.

Basil - Revitalizing, decongestant.

Rosemary - Anti-inflammatory, stimulating, balancing, diuretic, tonic; not to be taken by pregnant women during the first 5 months and with high blood pressure.

Incense - Decongestant, relaxing; promotes sleep.

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