Rose oil (Rosa Damascena)

  • Brand: Буджак
  • Cat No: RМ-001

Description: Rose oil produced in Bulgaria is one of the highest quality essential oils in the world. It is mainly used in perfumery, cosmetics, medicine, chemical industry and other industries.

Method: Rose essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of fresh rose blossom. Does not contain preservatives, is not mixed with other oils, guaranteed 100% natural product.

Packaging: glass violet, aluminum can.

Chemical composition: Rose oil contains over 300 components, the main of which are geraniol, nerol, citronellol, linalool, eugenol, farnesol and others.

Aroma: colorful, fresh, slightly sweet, characteristic of a rose. It has a strong aroma and sharp balsamic taste.

Oil color: yellow, yellow-green, pale green, colorless to yellowish liquid.

Volatility: low due to the composition of the oil

Action: antiseptic, aphrodisiac, blood purifier, hemostatic, tonic (heart, stomach, liver), soothing, increasing concentration, antifungal, antiseptic, invigorating, antiviral, wound healing, tonic, hemostatic, hemostatic destruction and excretion of kidney stones.

Bulgarian rose oil is valued for its rich aroma and durability. Durability is due to its very balanced composition of waxes, alcohols and microcomponents. The wax in color, which causes the dewdrops to run in the morning rather than get wet, retains the odor. Therefore, roses are picked early in the morning before they start to smell and lose oil. Rose oil should not be used alone, but should be added to a carrier oil before it is applied to the skin.

Origin of culture: Bulgaria

Storage: in a dry place, in glass or aluminum packaging, without direct sunlight at a temperature of +5 ° C to + 25 ° C

Precautions: Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life: indefinite

25,00 лв.
Price:25,00 лв.
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