Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis sativa)

  • Brand: Буджак
  • Cat No: CS-001

Description: Hemp oil is useful for absolutely everyone and at any age. The oil improves lactation, strengthens male and female sexual health. Due to its high calcium content, hemp oil will be very useful in osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases of the bones and joints.

Hemp seed essential oil is used in the perfumery, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Method: cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Does not contain preservatives, is not mixed with other oils, guaranteed 100% natural product.

Packaging: glass bottle, aluminum can.

Quantity: 10 ml; 20 ml; 50 ml; 100 ml; 1 kg.

Action: For massage of body, face and décolleté: use a few drops of the oil by spreading with massage actions on the surface of the skin - the oil moisturizes the skin, protects and regenerates skin cells.

All anti-aging and wrinkle treatments;
Recommended for brittle nails;
Dry hair, prone to breakage;
In shampoos and hair masks;
Beauty oils;
Very valuable for massages

Hemp oil has a unique balanced composition and therefore:

- With regular use guarantees: cleansing of blood vessels from cholesterol deposits, thanks to Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.
- It has a greenish color due to its high content of chlorophyll, which is a recognized oncoprotector. The risk of contracting cancer is significantly reduced for those who constantly eat it.
- Fat-soluble vitamin E helps to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, not in vain called the vitamin of youth. Hemp oil can be used not only as a product but also as a cosmetic product, adding to masks, shampoos and creams for face and body skin.
- The phytosterols contained in hemp oil have a calming effect on the human nervous system. - Thanks to this, the emotional background improves, insomnia and depression disappear.
- Thanks to its vitamin and mineral composition strengthens the heart muscle and the risk of heart attacks is significantly reduced.
Scope of hemp oil
First of all, it is, of course, a food product. Vegetable oil with excellent taste is suitable for preparing hot meals, canning and dressing salads. It is widely used in European and Asian cuisine.

Hemp oil is also widely used in cosmetology. It is used in the production of care cosmetics, being introduced in creams and masks for the skin of the face and body, as well as part of hair care products.

Hemp oil belongs to the drying oils, which is why its technical varieties are used for the production of drying oil and other paints and varnishes.

Cooking applications
There are two types of hemp oil used in food:

- Unrefined, with greenish color and rich walnut taste. Retains maximum nutrients, so it is recommended to use without heat treatment.
- Exquisite - transparent, with a slight greenish tinge, almost tasteless.
Of course, unrefined oil is more useful, but it has a short shelf life.

- Refined oil can be used anywhere, it is stored much longer than unrefined impurity oil, but its benefit is less.

Origin of culture: Indonesia

Storage: in a dry place, in glass or aluminum packaging, without direct sunlight at a temperature of +5 ° C to + 25 ° C

Delivery: Econt, Speedy, Bulgarian Post, DHL.

Payment: cash on delivery, by bank, by card

Precautions: Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life: up to 5 years

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